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At Chemseals we manufacture Mechanical Seals since year 1990. Chemseals offer a vast stock of quality Mechanical seals with a quick turnaround service. We currently manufactures Mechanical Shaft Seals & Components for Rotary Equipments from 0.500" (12 mm) to 6.000" (150mm) shaft size. Special sizes are on request.


With the continuous support of our adept and seasoned professionals, we are devoted towards offering Industrial Machined Parts.


Chemseals is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Single and Multi Spring Mechanical Seals, Cartridge Seals, Machine Parts.


Chemseals is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Chemseals is Member of SME CHember of India.

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Mechanical Seal manufacturer in India.

Chemseals are custom-engineered to each application, ensuring that the best combination of materials and design provide the most effective sealing solution. Chemseals models effectively seal dry powders, bulk materials, pastes, slurries, liquids and vapors.


We place our emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Entrusting us with their procurement needs, Chemseals reciprocates this by providing the highest quality of service closing assignments on time, and within budget.


We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service and technical knowledge, ensuring you receive the best quality product to meet your needs at the right time.

Our Values

At Chemseals our values are the foundations on which we are built. They guide the way we conduct business, work with our customers, within our local communities and with each other.

Our Mission

We place our emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Entrusting us with their procurement needs.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service and technical knowledge.

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To be the recognized as the leading manufacturers of mechanical seals, cartridge selas etc.

Our Values

At Chemseals our values are the foundations on which we are built. They guide the way we conduct business.

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Our Product Range includes:


Here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked…and our answers.

  • What is considered a good service life for a mechanical seal?

    If there are no other factors involved, then mechanical seal life is limited by how long it takes for the carbon face to fully wear. However, mechanical seals rarely wear out because of old age and usually fail due to some other reason well before the carbon wears excessively.

  • All mechanical seals leak; they have to. The leakage rate needs to be sufficient to ensure that there is a lubricating fluid film between the lapped seal faces to minimise friction, heat generation and wear, whilst at the same time being low enough to be acceptable.

    There are a number of factors that determine an acceptable level of leakage:

    • What are the hazards and risks of leakage?
    • Is there legislation that specifies limits on emission levels?
    • What is the operating environment and provision for cleanliness control?
    • Is there significant cost associated with lost product or barrier fluid?
    • The actual leakage rate depends on the mechanical seal type and diameter, the properties of fluid being sealed, the shaft speed, the sealed pressure, the operating temperature.
  • All mechanical seals have these 3 basic sets of parts, which are:

    • A set of primary seal faces, including one rotary face and one stationary face, also called seal ring and insert.
    • A set of secondary seals, also known as shaft pickings and insert mountings such as O-rings, wedges and V-rings.
    • Other mechanical seal hardware, such as gland rings, collars, compression rings, pins, springs (normally 3 types, wave springs, single springs, multiple/small springs) and bellows (normally 2 types, rubber bellows and metal bellows).
  • In the past and even nowadays, many rotary devices have been using packing (as known as Gland Packing too) but more and more devices have been starting to use mechanical seals, due to the advantages of mechanical seals below:

    • There will be no visible leak. However, there will be leak vapor, which is difficult to be prevented, such as half teaspoon one day at normal operating pressures and temperatures.
    • Advanced cartridge seal design can reduce and even prevent damage to the pump shafts and sleeves.
    • Daily maintenance will be reduced because mechanical seals normally have internal springs and they can have self-adjusting when faces wear.
    • Comparing to packing, mechanical seals have smaller pressure to faces (less resistance) so that they cost less power for the whole system to drive the shafts.
    • Less bearing contamination will be caused, because the lubricant does not become affected by seal leakage or washout.
    • With special anti-corrosion design and materials in mechanical seals, equipment that uses mechanical seals will suffers much less from corrosion.
    • For vacuum pumps, packing can never be used because air can be drawn into the pumps. So mechanical seal is a better choice here.
    • Longer life time and less time for installing new mechanical seals will cost less money and reduce the time of equipment downtime.
  • Again, this depends on the mechanical seal type and the application, but generally a mechanical seal has failed if it is leaking excessively and/or cannot maintain the specified pressure.

    A mechanical seal can be considered to have failed if:

    • There is an excessive loss of sealed product.
    • The product or barrier fluid pressure cannot be maintained at the required level.
    • There is an excessive loss of barrier fluid.
    • There is an excessive flow of barrier gas.
    • There is excessive process contamination (barrier fluid, wear debris or other).

    As a rule of thumb, “a mechanical seal has failed if it is leaking at a rate of 250 x its theoretical average”

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