Mechanical Seals

We offer a wide variety of mechanical seals which will suit all of your applications.

Seal Faces

We offer special seal faces for almost every field of application.

Mechanical Seal manufacturer in India.

Chemseals are custom-engineered to each application, ensuring that the best combination of materials and design provide the most effective sealing solution. Chemseals models effectively seal dry powders, bulk materials, pastes, slurries, liquids and vapors.

Our Mission

We place our emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Entrusting us with their procurement needs.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service and technical knowledge.

Our Vision

To be the recognized as the leading manufacturers of mechanical seals, cartridge seals etc.

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Our Portfolio: Quality Results

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Why you should trust us?

We are dedicated to providing the best mechanical seal services.

This includes the supply of new mechanical seals for all applications, repairs for all makes of mechanical seals and technical advice. A much wider range of equipment contain our seals and could be anything from a grey water pump in a submarine to a chemical pump having a seal with diamond coated seal faces.

  • Predictable Lifetime
  • Energy Savings
  • Safe Workplace
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Technical Advice.
  • Repairs and refurbishment
  • Design mechanical seals
  • Specialised Seals
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What is a Mechanical Seal?

Essentially, an end-face mechanical seal is a device used on a rotating shaft to prevent fluids from escaping and contaminants from getting into the system.

Trusted by 5000 businesses.


Mechanical Seal Sales

We stock a large range of both cartridge seals and components seals.


Backed by our design teams, guarantee for a safe, efficient installation, as well as commissioning and start-up for your plant

Seal Support Systems

Seal Support Systems manage the fluid between and around the seal faces, whether it is cleaning, cooling, or heating the seal media or delivering a different fluid to the mechanical seal.


High-quality inspection, overhaul and modification of your units in our modern factory


Mechanical seal installation to failure analysis, Chemseals offers a wide range of specialized field services


We offer high quality yet cost-effective retrofit service for all type of mechanical seals


Mechanical seal assembly, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Spare parts

Our spare parts are in stock and can often be sent the same day!

Spare parts Our spare parts are in stock and can often be sent the same day!

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